Lucknow doctors keep their spirits high even amid Covid duties


By NS Desk 16-Apr-2020

Lucknow, April 16 (IANS) A group of women doctors in Lucknow have come up with a five-minute video in which the doctors can be seen dancing to an old Bollywood song.

The black-and-white video has been shot by the doctors in the confines of their homes and then edited. The brain behind the effort wass Gunjan Gupta's, a pathologist. Gupta got this video made in four days and it was ready on her birthday on April 14.

She chose the song "Panchchi banu udti phiru mast gagan mein" from the movie "Chori Chori" and the doctors were assigned different parts of the song. She said that she chose the dong because it is vibrant and positive.

"How I made this video with clips of 20 women doctors is rather interesting. I asked all other doctors to record their dances on particular parts of the lyrics of the song and send the clips to me on WhatsApp. I told them that this would be my birthday gift.

Gupta asked the other doctors to record their dance on a particular portion of the lyrics of a song and send the clips via WhatsApp. This was the birthday gift she demanded from her friends.

The doctors responded to the request and Manisha Bhargava, Nimisha Agrawal, Babita Sinha, Rachna Seth, Nidhi Agrawal, Rameshwari Singhal, Shipra Nath, Shweta Verma, Naina Chandra, Swati Jain, Apeksha Vishnoi, Rachna Agrawal, Sonu Singh, Alka Jain, Shazia Siddiqui, Shweta Agrawal, Babita Sinha, Ruchi Garg, Warija Seth, Shweta Verma and Neerja Singh sent their clips.

The inspiring video was then edited and put together by Gupta's daughter Vandita.

"We did it in black-and-white to match the era of the song but the positivity in the video is brimming over," she said.

The doctor said that during lockdown, most of them have been interacting through video calls and it was this that gave her the idea.

The video ends with a message saying, "The following video is the joint effort of a few doctors of Lucknow to spread the message of remaining positive and spreading positivity in these times."

"My daughter Vandita Gupta, who studies in Class 10, helped edit the video. Made in black and white the video seems just right," said Dr Gupta.

It is noteworthy that superstar Amitabh Bachchan had recently come up with a short film ‘Family' that was made with a bunch of other stars from different parts of the country—all of whom shot it in their homes.



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