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Karnataka hospital celebrates recovery of 4 corona patients


By NS Desk 13-Apr-2020

Bengaluru, April 13 (IANS) Karnataka's Chikkaballapura government hospital staff celebrated the recovery of four Covid-19 patients with bouquets and applause, Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar said on Monday.

"Seeing four people recover from the coronavirus, Chikkaballapura government hospital staff applauded them with bouquets," tweeted Sudhakar in Kannada.

He advised people not to worry about Covid-19 but be careful.

Sudhakar said the doctors and nurses were proud to see the recovered patients.

The medical education minister shared a video showing a woman, followed by three mask-wearing men walking in a single line to receive their discharge farewell in the hospital.

The burqa-clad woman and the men, all of them young, were presented a sapling and another unidentifiable package as they walked out.

During the farewell, many hospital workers stood on either side to celebrate their recovery by clapping their hands, all of them wearing gloves, masks and maintaining physical distance.



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