Human touch saved us, say recovered Covid-19 patients in Kashmir


By NS Desk 15-Apr-2020

Srinagar, April 15 (IANS) Recovered Covid-19 patients in Kashmir say that more than medicines, it was the human touch of the doctors and the paramedic staff that saved them and helped them see through this crisis phase.

On Tuesday, 13 Covid-19 patients were discharged from the hospital after testing negative for the dreaded virus. The doctors and the paramedic staff applauded them as they walked out of a Srinagar hospital after two weeks.

"It is a moment of great happiness. I want to thank the doctors and the staff of CD Hospital… I am very happy with their behaviour. We will never forget the way they treated us. We were healed 50 per cent by their kind behaviour and 50 per cent by medicines. I feel better and normal now," said a recovered patient.

"We have no words to describe how well we were treated on the way to our recovery. God has been kind, and the medical staff worked very hard for us. God has given us a new life," said another recovered patient.

The cured patients have now gone into home quarantine and will remain under close surveillance. The doctors said that they will be tested again after one month.

"My message to general masses is that please don't ostracise them. They shouldn't be treated as untouchables, they don't have any disease. They are part of us. Anyone of us can get this illness, so please respect their privacy," said Samia Rashid, Principal, Government Medical College, Srinagar.

The recovered patients have also given their consent for plasma therapy needed for any future Covid-19 cases.

"All these patients have given their consent for plasma therapy if there are further complicated cases, which is a good gesture on their part. It will help in future Covid-19 cases," said pulmonologist Naveed Nazir Shah.

Earlier this week, two minor siblings aged five and seven years, who had tested positive for the disease, had recovered and were discharged from the JLNM Hospital in Srinagar.

"They were admitted on March 25, moments after their reports returned positive. All of us were in tears. Actually, I am in this hospital from March 25. I only go home to change my clothes," said Bilquies Shah, the nodal officer of JLNM Hospital.

Clearly it is a moment of joy for the recovered persons, and credit must be given to the untiring efforts of the medical personnel.



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