Full-body sanitisation machines at Delhi's Azadpur market


By NS Desk 10-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) To contain the spread of Covid-19, the Delhi government on Friday installed two sanitisation tunnels spraying disinfectant automatically on people at the gates of Azadpur Mandi --Asia's largest wholesale market.

Every person entering or exiting the Mandi will have to go through the tunnel to get sanitised, Delhi Development Minister Gopal Rai said.

Rai told the media that depending on the success of the system, the Delhi government will install such machines in all the mandis of Delhi.

"The Azadpur Mandi is functional as it supplies the essential items for the residents of Delhi. The Delhi government has installed two full-body sanitization machines at the gate of the mandi. Every person entering and exiting the Mandi will have to pass through these machines. This will protect the people from the COVID-19 infection," he said.

Rai added that the machine was developed by IIT, Delhi.

"I have instructed the traders to maintain and ensure social distancing. The government has also marked circles in front of the shops. In one circle, one person will stand and this is to ensure social distancing."

Rai said special attention will be given to the cleanliness of the mandi.

"I have instructed all the labourers and traders to wear masks. The Delhi government is distributing masks to everyone here. To sensitise the workers here, we are distributing pamphlets and disinfectants are being sprayed daily at the mandi."

He said the government is also providing morning and evening meals to the drivers and labourers of the mandi.

In Delhi, over 700 people have been infected with coronavirus.



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