Doctors remove Telangana woman's stomach to save her life


By NS Desk 14-Dec-2020

Doctors remove  stomach

Hyderabad - A team of experts at a private hospital here has given a new life to a 39-year-old woman who had consumed toilet cleaner more than a year ago.

Doctors at Aware Global Hospitals removed stomach of Manjula to save her life. The housewife from Khammam had consumed toilet cleaner in November 2019 and her stomach had suffered stage-4 damage.

The patient with damaged internal organs visited multiple hospitals but got no relief. She eventually landed at Aware Global Hospitals where a team of doctors led by consultant gastro surgeon Dr Bhupathi Rajendra Prasad treated her for more than six months to ensure her condition turns suitable for a surgical procedure. The patient, meanwhile, was being given food through an external pipe connected to her digestive tract below the stomach portion.

"Patient's food tract/gastrointestinal tract got damaged, and her stomach had to be severed to save the victim. With great care the patient's condition stabilised and she was prepared for a surgery after 10 months of the incident. Through a surgical procedure, the victim's stomach was removed, and her intestine was directly connected to the esophagus to complete the food tract. Now the patient has recovered completely and is able to consume normal food through her mouth," said Dr Rajendra Prasad.

This entire procedure was successful with the support received from Dr Mohan, anesthesiologist; Dr Rajendra, critical care; and Dr Ravi Shankar, medical gastroenterologist.

"We are extremely happy with the care my sister received at Aware Global Hospitals, and it is the expertise of Dr Rajendra Prasad that helped her recover to normal health," said patient's brother Srinivas.

Doctor have suggested certain simple yet effective tips to ensure such accidents do not occur. Ensure acids, spirits, toilet cleaners, and other hazardous liquids are kept away from reach of children, who could consume it accidentally.

Keep such liquids away from people undergoing mental stress on personal and professional front, and seek necessary medical help for such individuals.

Look for safer cleaning alternatives to acids and spirits to reduce risk of accidents at home. (IANS)

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.