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Corona effect: Cow dung, urine sell for Rs 500


By NS Desk 17-Mar-2020


Kolkata- Drink urine of Indian cows at Rs 500 a litre and take the dung at Rs 500 a kilo to ensure immunity from the deadly novel Coronavirus, says a milk vendor who has set up his makeshift roadside shop to sell these bovine products in Dankuni, about 20 km from the West Bengal capital.

Mabud Ali has placed packs of cow dung and jars of cow urine on a table by the National Highway 19 -- that links Delhi and Kolkata. Ali claims he got the idea from a gomutra (cow urine) party organised by the Hindu Mahasabha in Delhi.

"Drink cow urine and ward off coronavirus," says a poster pasted to the table.

"I have two cows -- one Indian cow and the other a jersey cow. I earn my living selling milk. So, after I saw the gomutra party on television, I realised I can make more profit by selling cow urine and dung. Now, I can utilise every part of cows in my business," said Ali.

However, in Ali's stall, a litre of urine and a kilo of dung of the jersey cows come at a cheaper rate - Rs 300.

"A Jersey cow is not a pure breed like Indian cow. So, its urine also is not that much in demand," he said.

Ali said the initial response has been "good". "I'll try to continue this trade". (IANS)

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