COVID in Delhi: 51 new cases; 2 deaths in 24 hours


By NS Desk 14-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) With 51 new cases and two deaths reported in the last 24 hours, the total coronavirus cases in the national capital has reached 1,561 on Tuesday with the toll mounting to 30.

According to the Delhi Health Department, among the total 1,561 cases, 1,080 patinest are the 'Positive cases under Special Operations'.

"Among the 51 new cases, 19 had travel history or contact history," the health bulletin said.

It says 396 positive cases have foreign travel history and their contacts.

Among the total patients, 30 were cured and discharged while one has migrated.

"Total 1,429 patients and 553 suspects are in the hospitals. While 32 patients and 26 suspects are in the ICU, eight patients are on ventilators and 39 are on oxygen," the Health report said. So far, 16,282 tests have been conducted in the city and 715 reports are pending."

While 1,561 reports were positive, 13,748 reports were negative, it said. A total of 11,984 people are home-quarantined across the city and 2,455 are quarantined at the 11 government facilities. The positive cases in the city are increasing at a rapid rate for the last 10 days. The total positive cases in Delhi were 97 with two deaths on March 30.

The cases were 152 on April 1 with two deaths reported, and the figures jumped to 503 with seven deaths by April 5.

By April 10, there were 903 cases with 14 deaths. On April 12, there were 1,154 cases with 24 deaths. It received a record jump of 356 cases on Monday.



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