COVID-19: Telangana Guv touts camphor as remedy but not all convinced


By NS Desk 11-Apr-2020

Hyderabad, April 11 (IANS) Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan has suggested camphor as a remedy for coronavirus but her suggestion drew criticism from many on Twitter, who questioned the scientific basis of her advice.

Some Twitterati commented that she as a doctor should not propagate such ideas as people may start consuming camphor.

"I will be posting current research work in labs abroad on camphor to target viruses and its reference. We may reinvent its use in COVID-19 after further research studies in future," the Governor tweeted on Saturday.

She had earlier tweeted to suggest use of camphor to treat coronavirus. "Look at new drugs to target SARS nCoV-2 and COVID-19. Compound identified is camphor! In traditional ayurveda medicines, it has been used as a remedy. Camphor was used to fight plague and influenza epidemics. Pray with camphor or make Chakkarai Pongal with Pacchai Karpooram," wrote the leader from Tamil Nadu.

"Noted. Thanks. Scientific evidence documented very recently. I am confident of what I tweeted," she tweeted again after a netizen advised her to make sure her idea was correct for COVID-19 situation and cautioned that she may face a lot of criticism in future.

While some hailed her idea and referred to medicinal property of camphor, there were others who voiced concern that people may believe it and start consuming camphor.

Then she posted another tweet: "Word of caution... these are in experimental studies in labs not to be taken for oral consumption directly till approved by authorities. Proud to find camphor used in our traditional medicine getting reinvented for so- called no-cure pandemic threats... wait for clinical use...

"Let us pray with camphor and sweet Pongal with Pachai karpooram. Nothing more than that... at present, please."

"Madam, I am a resident of Hyderabad. While I appreciate your intention, kindly do give a disclaimer that this hasn't gone through the rigour of clinical trials. Calling it a good practice is still 'ok' but your message may make people feel that it's the medicine, which's not true," tweeted one Sathya Raghu.

"Ma'am... camphor is neurotoxic and causes seizures and encephalopathy," commented one Dr Ramesh.



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