Corona tally in India surges past 7,500; Maha stays on top


By NS Desk 11-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) The total number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in India is 7,529, said the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Saturday.

Of these 6,634 are active cases of COVID-19, 652 individuals have recovered and discharged from the hospital, one person migrated to another country and 242 people succumbed to the disease, according to the data published by the health ministry in the evening.

Maharashtra remained the worst hit state with a total number of positive cases rising to 1574, followed by Tami Nadu which reported 911 cases, followed by Delhi which has reported 903 cases, according to the Health Ministry data.

At least 364 people are affected in Kerala, Uttar Pradesh reported 433 cases, Rajasthan reported 553 cases, Telangana reported 504 cases, and Andhra Pradesh reported 381 cases.

Madhya Pradesh has reported 443 cases, Jammu and Kashmir has 207, Punjab has 132 cases, West Bengal has 126, Gujarat 308, Haryana has 177 cases, Bihar 60, Chandigarh has 18, Assam 29, Ladakh has 15 coronavirus cases as per the Health Ministry data.

In Andaman and Nicobar Island, there are at least 11 cases, Uttarakhand has also reported 35 cases, Arunachal Pradesh has 1, Goa has 7 cases, Chhattisgarh has 18, Himachal Pradesh 28, Jharkhand 17 and Manipur have 2 cases, Odisha has 48 cases and Puducherry 7.

Most number of casualties have been reported from Maharashtra, 110 deaths. Other states and UTs that have reported casualties are Andhra Pradesh (6), Bihar (1), Delhi (14), Gujarat (19), Haryana (3), Himachal Pradesh (1), J&k (4), Karnataka (6), Kerala (2), Madhya Pradesh (33), Punjab (11), Tamil Nadu (8), Telangana (9), Uttar Pradesh (4) and West Bengal (5).

A total of 652 people who recovered from the disease are from Andhra Pradesh (11), Chhattisgarh (9), Delhi (25), Gujarat (31), Haryana (29), Himachal Pradesh (6), Jammu and Kashmir (6), Karnataka (37), Kerala (123), Ladakh (10), Maharashtra (188), Puducherry (1), Punjab (5), Rajasthan (21), Tamil Nadu (44), Telangana (43), Uttarakhand (5), Odisha (2),Uttar Pradesh (32) and West Bengal (16).



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