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Chandigarh to make public the names of curfew violators


By NS Desk 15-Apr-2020

Chandigarh, April 15 (IANS) The Chandigarh administration on Wednesday announced that it will make public the names of curfew violators. Taking the initiative to strictly implement the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic, Adviser Manoj Parida said the Administration would begin publishing names of VIPs defying curfew orders.

"From tomorrow we will publish name and designation of VIPs violating curfew orders and going for morning and evening walk. Be warned," Parida tweeted.

In another tweet, he said: "Do u (you) know the full form of VIP? Very Idiotic Person".

Chandigarh has imposed restrictions until May 3. But Parida said any relaxations would be considered only after April 20.

Chandigarh has reported 21 coronavirus cases to date.

A number of Punjab and Haryana bureaucrats were among 466 rounded up and let off with a warning for violating curfew norms on April 13.

The special drive to nab walkers was carried out in 120 parks across the city.

The 'City Beautiful' has the distinction of having one of the highest densities of motor vehicles in the country. For a population of just over one million, there are nearly 650,000 registered motor vehicles in the city.



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