Bengal govt to impose complete lockdown in 9-10 hotspots


By NS Desk 11-Apr-2020

Kolkata, April 11 (IANS) The West Bengal government has decided to impose complete lockdown in nine-ten areas of the state, identified as hotspots of the Covid-19 disease.

The identified areas will be sealed and nobody will be allowed to get in or come out of these places, chief secretary Rajeev Sinha said.

State secretariat sources said the inhabitants would be barred from leaving their homes unless for medical or emergency reasons and strict action taken under the disaster Management Act in case of violations.

All markets and shops including those selling essential items will be sealed, and the government will arrange for home delivery of all goods alongside the various online aggregators. The police and local administration will render all help to the inhabitants.

Sinha said so far the Coronavirus infection has mainly been recorded from 9-10 areas in the state.

"We know people will be inconvenienced. But we are helpless. Nobody will be allowed to enter or exit the identified areas. The government will decide on the next course of action after reviewing the situation," he said.

State secretariat N-abanna sources said the complete lockdown was now likely to be enforcd for 14 days.

According to officials, one area in North Bengal, and parts of Kolkata, Howrah, Nadia, 24 Parganas (North), East Midnapore could come under complete lockdown.

Sinha said more than 60 of the Coronavirus cases in the state involved 11 families.

"In Kalimpong, Egra, Kolkata, Howrah, Haldia and Nadia, we have seen fast spread of the disease from one person to their relatives and neighbours. The hotspots are being decided on the basis of the number of cases in an area.

"If the infection is seen to be spreading in a village, then it will be identified as a hotspot, while the entire gram panchayat will be classified as a Coronavirus cluster, In complete lockdown conditions there will be bar on people-to-people mixing in both the areas," he said.

Meanwhile, four areas in Howrah have already been identified as hotspots and sealed by the district administration.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation is holding discussions on whether to declare some wards as hotspots or adopt some other system in enforcing complete lockdown.



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