Authorities bank on tech, teamwork for south Delhi's lockdown success


By NS Desk 11-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) With the Delhi government declaring 30 city locations as coronvirus hotspots, authorities in two south districts of Malviya Nagar and Sangam Vihar are counting on technology, teamwork, and cooperation for success in the fight against the virus.

These three 'Ts' are being used to enforce the law and ensure that no entry or exit takes place in the said containment zones and at the same time ensure that area residents get adequate supplies of essentials and face no problem.

The authorities in south Delhi have become tech savvy and are replacing human resource with machinery. While the MCD is using drones to spray disinfectants and sanitization work, the police is making use of this air-borne machine for surveilance and announcements.

"We are using drones for sanitization of these contaminated zones, not only reducing human effort but also reduce human contact -- thus preventing community spread of coronavirus," said Sunita Kangra, Mayor, South Delhi Municipal Corportation (SDMC).

"Drones are being used to make announcement and for surveilance in these highly affected areas," a senior police official posted in the district told IANS requesting anonymity.

In order to ensure supplies of essential items, the authoritie have teamed up with local selected vendors and is ensuring doorstep delivery of essentials like medicines and ration.

"The supplier delivers at the check post. From there, our volunteers deliver at the doorstep," said B N Misra, District Magistrate, South.

For ensuring cooperation from the public, the District Magistrate's office issued notifications to ensure unhindered supply of essential goods and services. Regular announcements are also made to calm the public and maintain mutual trust.

The DM office also asked the area public to provide information about people with travel history or connection with the Tablighi Jamaat. It has also asked the public to inform the authorities if they develop any ailments or any symptoms of coronavirus.



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