Swelling Around Eyes, Anaemia Could be Signs of Kidney Malfunction: KGMU


By NS Desk 12-Mar-2022

Signs of Kidney Malfunction

Swelling around the eyes and legs, anaemia and occasional headache and vomiting, could be early warning signals of chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to experts at Lucknow's King George's Medical University (KGMU).

Officiating head of nephrology department Prof Vishvajeet Singh said: "Chronic kidney disease is hard to detect in its early stages because of its veiled symptoms. Nearly 60 per cent of the patients come at the end-stage of disease. By that time, dialysis or organ transplant is the only option left."

He cwarned that if anyone witnessed swelling in limbs (especially eyes and legs), low haemoglobin, occasional headache and vomiting, he or she must consult a nephrologist, especially if they have hypertension or diabetes too.

"If a patient is diagnosed at an early stage, it can be managed by medicines," said Prof Singh.

Nephrologist Dr Lakshya Kumar said" "Chronic kidney disease numbers are increasing over the years because every third individual in India has hypertension. Of these more than 60 per cent do not know that they have it.

And others who know, only 50 per cent end, up taking their medicines. Hence, due continuous high blood pressure, the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys get damaged."

However, people could avoid chronic kidney disease through following a healthy diet, stress management and regular exercise, Dr Kumar added.

Chief medical superintendent, Prof S.N. Shankhwar informed that low haemoglobin or severe anaemia could be because kidneys are not producing enough of the hormone erythropoietin.
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