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Five Benefits of Having Raw Honey in Winter

By NirogStreet Desk| posted on :   25-Nov-2017| Food and Nutrition

honey is the wonder food of nature because it has various medicinal benefits. basically, its raw form is unadulterated, unpasteurized, and unheated, that is why it looks like paste. being raw, it is enriched with essential nutrients and free from chemicals. today, it is used in various products just because of its overall benefit not only in food but also in beauty products and medicines. from healing to energizing, its medicinal benefit has made it popular among people. it contains the antioxidants that boost immune system and while extraction of the honey, it contains some of the bee pollen that is very nutritious for a human body. due to a good source of vitamins and protein, amino fatty acids, and flavonoids, it is also very helpful for cardiovascular health, intestine, improves metabolism, and gives you glowing skin.

in stores, it is available in either liquid or due to crystallization in cream form. some experienced people say raw honey mostly available in black color but this is not true. its color totally depends on the flower from which the bees extract juice. here are some benefits that you will get after taking raw honey in your diet.

used as ointment for burns and wounds

from ancient time, raw honey is used as home remedy for curing burns and wounds. it is full of antiseptic properties that kills the bacteria, also inhibits the bacterial growth. in case of burns, it can only cure the 1st and 2nd-degree burn but for a 3rd degree burn always consult a doctor. do not try this remedy for severe burn.

cure for skin ailments

acne is the most common in this polluted atmosphere. basically, it is a skin disease caused by the dirt, excess oil on the skin, and bacteria. as above discussed, it has an antibiotic feature that kill the bacteria and leaves the skin smooth, dirt free, and moisturized.

apply raw homey on the face and leave it for 30 minutes. after that, wash the face with lukewarm water then with normal water. repeat this process until you get acne free face.

energy booster

we generally use sugar in tea and other drink that crashes the energy because it burns too quick and leaves us fat. as per ayurveda, leave processed sugar and switch to raw honey because its glucose absorbed in the body too quickly and prevents fatigue throughout the exercise and another physical workout. in addition, it balances the blood sugar level.

cold syrup

this is not a modern research for cold and cough but an ancient remedy used by our grandma. just 2 spoons of honey can heal a persistent cough. all thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property. mix raw honey with ginger and garlic paste and eat it regularly to cure cold.

no more sleepless night

use honey with milk for a quick sleep. boil the milk, add 2 teaspoons of raw honey in the milk, and consume it before going to bed. this home remedy is far better than sleeping pills. because of all the qualities of honey, many scientists are only focusing on it for research.

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