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Ghee in your diet is good for your health

By NirogStreet Desk| posted on :   13-Dec-2017| Food and Nutrition

today, the importance of ghee as a part of our daily nutrition is on a decline. ghee or <i>ghrita</i>, a form of clarified butter, is considered to be harmful to our health and is a strict no-no for someone following a ‘modern’ lifestyle.

so the important question is whether <i>gharita</i> can really be that bad for your health or the concerns about its effects on the body are simply made up? ayurveda has all the answers to your questions.

<b>ghee is not bad for health</b>

the mainstream health industry is against the use of <i>ghrita</i> and tout it as unnecessary fat. it is a very good source of nutrition, however, from an ayurvedic point of view. it is certainly a form of fat but if you trust the traditional wisdom of ayurveda, you can rest assured that you will not gain inches around your waist because of the consumption of this clarified butter.

the underlying science is that ghee has short chain fatty acids and a very high boiling point. because of this, these fatty acids do not break down into free radicals, even if you use <i>ghrita</i> for deep frying. moreover, when it enters your system, it nourishes your body and contributes the wellness of your mind. in fact, many ayurvedic medicines are prepared with <i>ghrita</i> as the primary ingredient.

<b>it all starts in the gut</b>

if you face problems of the digestive system like constipation, pain, acidity, etc., ghee could be your best ally. when you consume ghee, it acts as suitable lubrication to help the movement of stools. moreover, more ghee leads to more butyric acid in your system which would not only keep your digestion strong but also help in building your immunity.

<i>ghrita</i> is considered a <i>satvic</i> food as per ayurveda. cow’s ghee has been given special importance in the traditional medicine.

<b>what about lactose intolerance?</b>

a growing number of people in the world are lactose intolerant. however, this condition has absolutely nothing to do with ghee. during the process of making ghee, milk solids or lactose parts are removed which make the final product fit for consumption by those whose guts do not react well to dairy products.

<b>weight loss with ghee</b>

ghee is good fat. it will not only provide your body nourishment but would also be helping you burn the stored fat in the body. <i>ghrita</i> enema is a common practice amongst ayurveda practitioners who claim that this process leads to detoxification in the body.

ayurveda brings thousands of years of knowledge to our doorsteps. this ancient yet effective method could be very helpful in healing as well as preventing diseases. it is suggested that you can safely consume about 3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of <i>ghrita</i> in a day. so trust the ancient science of ayurveda. start including at least 1 teaspoon of ghee in your diet from today and count your health benefits!

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