Say Goodbye To The Shoulder Pain With Ayurveda


By NS Desk 04-Nov-2017

Shoulder Pain Treatment

We are in a century where getting anything has become easy and approachable, the technology has become our lifeline. This is, in fact, a very positive thing but sadly our lifestyle can hardly be categorized as a positive. Due to the hectic lifestyle and stress, having pain in any body part has become a common problem. One such pain which people often face is the shoulder pain. The shoulder is one such part of the body which can be rotated 360 degrees easily.

Some of the main causes of shoulder pain are stress or strain on the shoulders, heart or lung-related problems, excessive exercise, overweight, dislocation of shoulder or instability in joints or shoulders.

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The shoulder pain is often confused with neck pain. The person is not able to judge whether the pain is because of the neck or shoulder. The shoulder pain starts with the mild pain and generally eases when the arm is rested. Nevertheless, the shoulder pain should not be ignored in fact it should be taken care of before the pain becomes severe and unbearable.

The Ayurveda Treatment for Shoulder Pain

The Ayurvedic treatment for shoulder pain helps in soothing the pain. The common treatments used for shoulder pain which is also useful for neck pain are:

Nasyam - This is the Ayurvedic treatment based on Panchkarma. The oil is inhaled through the nose which is helpful in clearing the toxins from head and neck.

Greeva Vasthi - This is a treatment for the neck which helps in strengthening neck and muscles.

Pizhicill - This is treatment where the body is massaged with oil. The managed is done by a method where the oil is poured on the affected area and cotton cloth is used for massage.

Abhyangam - The body is massaged with the herbal oil. The treatment helps in soothing the body.

Podikkizhi - This treatment is generally done in case of stiffness or inflammation kind of pain. The herbs are made like bolus and given through fomentation.

Apart from the treatments, doing a regular exercise, maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle is also very important.

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.