The Best Treatment For Obesity


By NS Desk 05-Dec-2020

The Best Treatment For Obesity

So, here you’ll get all the information related to obesity disease for that you need to read this article.

The Best Treatment For Obesity
Today's a busy lifestyle, stress and carelessness are becoming the cause of obesity, which is the most important reason for weight gain. nowadays it is becoming a general problem. Almost every household in India undergoes this disease. Patients Asking for the best treatment for obesity.

Sometimes overweight can embarrass you. Not entirely this, but obesity also commands you to many other severe health problems. It is clear that obesity is not helpful in any way but is harmful to our health. So, here you’ll get all the information related to obesity disease for that you need to read this article.

What is Obesity?
When a person's body weight exceeds normal, it is called obesity. When you take many calories as food daily, when your body is not able to consume that much daily, then excess calories start accumulating in the body in the form of fat, which causes the body to gain weight.

Obesity Symptoms
The problem of obesity is seen in most people, yet the causes of being overweight in them can vary. It is clear from the studies done on obesity that overweight can be a difficulty due to- 

    • Not exercising- The main cause of obesity is not to do exercise or physical activities. By doing this, fat is collected in the body, which takes the form of obesity.

    • Overeating- Obesity is more likely in people who eat more food. Such people should pay special consideration to their food and drink so that they do not get sick in any way.

    • Genetic reasons- Often, obesity can also be caused by genetic reasons. For example- If a member of a person's family is suffering from obesity, then that person is also prone to obesity.

    • Taking any kind of medicine- If a person takes any kind of medicine, he may have a problem of overweight. Such a person should visit for the advice to the doctor so that he does not have any side effects on his body.

    • To have a mental reason- Sometimes, over-stressing can also lead to overweight. Thus, all people should try to manage stress so that they do not have obese.

Obesity Causes & Risk Factors
Let us know the causes & risk factors of obesity-
    • Overeating Causes Obesity: Taking large and heavy meals increases weight. Eating sweets and heavy foods often affect the digestive system and weight gain in large quantities. It is also known for imitating Agni.

    • Eating Vata and Kapha Increasing Foods Lead to Obesity: Consumption of very dry, spicy, and oily foods in the food spoils the vata which increases the digestive power (fire). Food items that have high sugar content also increase kapha dosha. These foods lead to the accumulation of fat in the body and cause obesity.

    • Weight Gain Due to Lack of Exercise: Always lying on the couch is not good for your weight loss goal in any way. Not being active enough and not exercising is one of the main reasons for obesity. You need to be dynamic to get your body healthy and in shape.

    • Weight Gain Due to Insomnia: Not getting enough sleep or getting more sleep than necessary leads to obesity. Your body is not able to burn calories properly if you do not get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Alternatively, too much sleep also leads to the problem of inactivity and slow metabolism.

    • Obesity Due to Metabolism: Each person's metabolic system works in a unique way. Some have efficient and fast-functioning metabolic systems that do not store fat, while some act at a slower rate, which leads to weight gain.

    • Obesity Caused by The Medical Condition: Sometimes a person suffers from a certain disease, the side effects of which are obesity. Some medicines play an important role in building your weight. These are not among the most common reasons for weight gain, but in some cases it does.

    • Obesity Caused by Genetics: Sometimes, genetics and heredity play a major role in deciding whether a person will become obese or not. Such cases are rare.

Risk Factors of Obesity
Obesity is often combined with the following causes and factors. Which includes the following items -
    • Genetics- It depends on your lineage, how efficiently your body converts food into energy, and how many calories you lose during exercise.

    • Family Lifestyle- Obesity runs from the previous generation in the family. If the mother or father or both have obesity, you are at increased risk of becoming obese.

    • Lay Dormant- If you are not active, you will not be able to reduce the calories as much as you should. Because of such a speedless lifestyle, you will be consuming more calories than you would have to reduce with exercise.

    • Unhealthy Diet- Diet and beverages that are lacking in fruit vegetables, full of calories, can make you fat. Overeating also leads to obesity.

    • Medical Problem- Arthritis also reduces the activity of the body, due to which obesity increases.

    • Some Medicines- If you do not make changes in diet and activity along with taking medicines, it can increase your weight.

    • Age- Obesity can occur at any age. But as you get older, hormonal changes and less active lifestyles increase your risk of obesity.

    • Pregnancy- During pregnancy, women gain weight. Some women find it difficult to lose weight after having a baby. Increasing weight can cause obesity in women.

    • Lack of sleep- Not getting enough sleep or getting more sleep makes a hormonal change, which increases the earthquake.

Prevention of Obesity
As explained above, obesity can put all people in trouble, so it makes sense to avoid it. It is possible that some people are not aware of the methods, which can be helpful in preventing obesity, due to which they easily become victims of it.

Despite this, if they knew that they could prevent obesity in the following way, their life would be happy-
    • Eating Healthy Food- As explained above, the problem of overweight is mainly due to bad food. Thus, to prevent this, people should pay special attention to their food and food and eat healthy food.

    • Exercise- All of us should exercise daily (at least 30 minutes). By doing this our immunity power increases, which protects us from the risk of potential diseases.

    • Relaxing- However, it is difficult for any person to relax because we all have to work hard to improve our life. Despite this, we must rest for some time, so that the energy of our body is not lost.

    • Getting Plenty of Sleep- It is very important for all people to get enough sleep (6-8 hours) as it works to give our body the necessary energy as well as recharging our body. In addition, people can avoid the problem of obesity by getting enough sleep.

    • Not Eating Outside- However, we all spend most of the time outside the house in connection with jobs or other work, in which we have to eat outside without even wanting. This food can prove to be harmful to our health, so we should diet outside food so that we stay healthy.

Diagnosis of Obesity
However, obesity can confirm to be dangerous for people as it can make them suffer from many severe diseases. Despite this, it is a matter of comfort that obesity can be avoided if it is identified in time.
Thus, these 5 ways can be adopted to recognize obesity-
    1. Examining BME- The most obvious way to recognize obesity is to check BMI. A person who has a BMI of 25 or more is considered a victim of overweight.

    2. Checking Heartbeats- Since obesity also impacts the heartbeats, it can also be recognized by checking their speed.

    3. Seeing Medical History- Often, doctors also look at people's medical history to find out more weight. This is done because obesity can sometimes be the result of chronic disease.

    4. Blood Test- Obesity can also be fetched by a blood test. By this test, it is found that the amount of fat in the blood of a person.

    5. Abdominal Examination- The most impact of overweight is on the stomach of a person. For this reason, obesity is also identified by examining the stomach.

Complication of Obesity
Although obesity is possible, it can take serious forms if it is not administered at the right time.
In such a situation, people suffering from obesity may face a lot of problems and after some time this problem can prove to be fatal for them.
Although the potential risks of obesity may be many, the main 5 are as follows:

    1. Diabetes Increases- If a diabetic patient gains weight, it can cause diabetes to increase. In such a situation, diabetes can reach type-2, which is a matter of concern.

    2. Increased Risk of Heart Diseases- Overweight also affects a person's heart. For this reason, he may have an increased risk of heart diseases including heart attack.

    3. Sleeplessness- Often, it has been seen that obesity also affects people's sleep processes. Because of this, he complains of sleeplessness, for which he has to resort to pills.

    4. Increase in the Risk of Cancer- It also increases the risk of cancer when obesity increases in an unusual way. This condition can prove to be harmful to any person, who may need to seek medical help.

    5. Death- Millions of people around the world lose their lives due to obesity. Hence, possible hazards of obesity include the death of people.

Treatment of Obesity
Dietary Changes
    1. Reducing calories and eating healthy food is important in overcoming obesity. You might want to lose weight fast, but for health, it is better to lose weight slowly. By doing this, the possibility of gaining back the weight is also reduced.

    2. Avoid unrealistic dietary changes, such as crash diets, as they weaken your immune system and increase your risk of dehydration.

    3. Continue the weight loss program for at least 6 months and keep the maintenance phase of the program for at least one year for best results.

    4. Choose a diet plan that includes a healthy diet that you think will work for you. Include the following things in dietary changes to cure obesity.

    • Reduce calories- You can reduce your weight by reducing your calories. You and your doctor can monitor your food and drinking habits, how many calories you are usually consuming, and where you can cut down. You and your doctor can decide how many calories you need to consume each day to lose weight.

    • There is a typical amount of 1,200 to 1,500 calories for women and 1500 to 1800 calories for men.

    • Feeding full in less food- By eating a large portion of low-calorie foods, you can reduce the pain of hunger.

    • Make healthy choices- To make your whole diet healthy, eat fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain carbohydrates. Also, emphasize sources like protein such as lentils, soya, and meat (without fat). If you like to fish, try to include fish twice a week. Reduce salt and sugar content. Eat low-fat dairy products. Eat small amounts of fat and make sure they come from heart-healthy sources, such as canola and walnut oil.

    • Limiting on Certain Foods- Some diets limit the amount of an appropriate food group, such as high-carbohydrate or full-fat foods. Ask the doctor which diet plans are effective, which may be helpful for you. You will consume more calories by drinking sweetened beverages, and limiting these drinks or eliminating them altogether is a good start.

    • Eating Replacement- You replace one or two of your diets with a calorie shake or meal bar. Take fewer calories and fat in your third diet.

These Ayurvedic Remedies Will Reduce Your Obesity
Consumption of these herbs along with Yam and a healthy diet will soon be effective in reducing obesity as well as reducing belly fat. Let's know about these herbs that remove the stubborn fat of the stomach:-

Fenugreek For Weight Loss
Fenugreek is considered good for digestion and weight loss. Galactomannan, which is a water-soluble element found in fenugreek. Helps reduce your hunger, so that you do not feel hungry for a long time. It can also increase your body's metabolism rate. The best way to use this herb is to grind it into a powder. You can mix this powder in water and drink it on an empty stomach.

Guggul For Weight Loss
Guggul is an ancient herb that is used in making Ayurvedic medicine. It contains unsaturated steroids known as guggulsterone, which promote weight loss and increase body metabolism. It is also known to stimulate the body's cholesterol level. Consuming guggul as tea is very beneficial.

Vijaysar For Weight Loss
The bark of the Vijayasar tree is considered very good for weight loss and for managing diabetes. According to Ayurveda, the bark of Vijayasar leaves resin, which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Consuming Vijayasar as an herbal tea can soon relieve stomach fat.

Triphala For Weight Loss
Triphala has been used to lose weight since ancient times. The powder made by mixing Amla, Haran, and Bahera is called Triphala powder. Its intake helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Consuming one to half a teaspoon of Triphala powder with lukewarm water 2 hours before dinner or half an hour before breakfast can soon relieve the stubborn belly fat.

Punarnava For Weight Loss
Punarnava is also known by its scientific name Boharvia Diffusa. The plant and its parts are used to prepare many Ayurvedic medicines. Mainly, it helps in removing the sensations of the body.

Yoga is Effective in Weight Loss
These three asanas, easy to practice, if done regularly, helps in rapid weight loss. So let us know what are these postures reduce obesity and what is the method of doing them.

    1. Anulom-Vilom Praanaayaam- To do this, first of all, sit in Siddhasana or Padmasana. Then rest your right hand easily on the right knee and obstruct the left pore of the nose with the thumb of the left hand. Then get a deep exhalation through the right hole. Now free the left hole and prevent the right hole. Exhale inside the left hole. Repeat this procedure at least ten to fifteen times

    2. Naukasan- To do this, first of all, face the sky and lie down on your back. Now keep the hands accurate at the waist and keep your palms facing the ground. Now slowly actuate your neck upwards and raise your neck upward while keeping your hands straight. Simultaneously lift your feet and take the form of a yacht. Remain in this position for about 25-30 seconds. Then slowly return to normal posture. Repeat this process Naukasana two to three times.

    3. Baalaasan- Baalaasan is also very helpful in reducing obesity. First of all, you should sit on the heels by laying mats on the ground. Then with the arms elevated upwards, breathing, keep your forehead on the ground. After this, try to stay in this pose for three minutes.

Q1. What are the causes of obesity?
Obesity is mainly the result of over-eating and not doing physical activity. In addition, it can also be the result of a genetic cause, suffering from a disease.

Q2. What kind of food does obesity occur?
If a person consumes fast food, oily food, alcohol, etc., then he is more likely to become obese.

Q3. What should an overweight person eat?
Overweight people should take special care of their food and drink. He should eat green vegetables, fruits, juices, dry fruits, etc. as these can prove to be helpful in reducing weight.

Q4. Can obesity be reduced?
Yes, obesity can be reduced. However, some people may not believe it because they get used to it. Despite this, obesity can be reduced with the help of excise, healthy food, medicine, etc.

Q5. Do thin people live longer?
It is not clear from any such study that thin people live longer. However, this applies to some extent to people who take special care of their health.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.