What Is Diabetes In Ayurveda?


By NS Desk 11-Nov-2017


Before understanding, what is Diabetes let us first understand why this happens. In the present time, people live controlled life going to the office and coming back to home. In fact, now everything is present in one click due to technology. Advancement of the modern world and technologies ease the daily lifestyle or you can say that it is the beginning of severe conditions for a lifetime.

Due to modernization, we have become sluggish or inactive and started taking processed food, carbonated drinks, and juice that leads to cause various metabolic issues. Hence, the cause of Diabetes does not come externally; it is our food habits and daily routine. In Ayurveda, Diabetes is also known as “Madhumeh” and “Prameha”.

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Diabetes: Biological Reason

Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes

Most of us have seen our parents and grandparents are suffered from Diabetes and they are taking pills before a meal on regular basis. It is the rise of glucose level in the blood that is also known as high blood sugar or in technical term hyperglycemia. When the sugar level increases in blood, the pancreas automatically discharges the insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin tends to control the blood glucose however if there is any metabolic disease the person may or may not suffer from Diabetes.

If the person is suffering from high blood sugar, it means his metabolic condition is not good and his insulin production is insufficient. In addition, in case of low blood sugar, the insulin production is too high in comparison to calories intake.

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Categories of Diabetes

In Ayurveda science, it is categorized into two types and this categorization is on the basis of severity of Diabetes.

Type-1 Diabetes: When the metabolic conditions are worse or physical activities are zero, body’s glucose level gets high or low. Means, Diabetes can happen due to the damage of insulin-producing cells. The basic symptoms of Diabetes are thirst, sudden weight loss, craving for sweets, and frequent urination.

Type-2 Diabetes: This type of Diabetes occurs in the people who are prone to obese or aged. In this case, when the production of insulin is good but its intensity is reduced to zilch mean it does not work well as it should be. It also shows same symptoms as Type-1 with the inclusion of some vision impairment, weak immune system, vision impairment etc.

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The most important part of Diabetes is you can figure out that you are suffering from Diabetes but you cannot decide whether is severe, mild, or prone to severe. Hence, a proper guidance of doctor, diagnosis, and better treatment is required so that you can lead a healthy life. In fact, Ayurevda is very active in providing the Ayurvedic medicines for this disease so that you can lead Diabetes free life.

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