Five Health Risks Diabetic People are Prone to


By NS Desk 10-Nov-2019

Health Risks for Diabetic People

We are well aware that our body is a combination of cells, veins, bone, muscles, tissues, etc each part contributes to the proper functioning of the body. However, have you ever noticed that if any part of the body does not work well, it also affects other part? For example,with if a person is suffering from liver disease, they may have a severe metabolic problem and this may lead to them developing a cardiac disease. The functionality of liver affects the digestive system, the metabolic property of the body and you may feel fatigued sometimes. The functions of our body parts are all inter-related and interdependent.

The onset of any disease is not limited to only a particular part of the body, it definitely affects other body parts. hence, like another disease, diabetes also affects some major parts of our body. It varies from person to person though. In some people, it may affect their sexual life, for others it may cause hypertension, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, or thyroid disorders.

Nowadays, diabetes is a major issue for a large number of people because it causes other ailments in the body and hampers other functionalities of the body. It is not the only disease to take care of but there are other diseases associated with it that might be surfacing without you being even slightly aware. Here are some other issues caused only because of diabetes that you should be concerned about:-

Damage to the kidney

Diabetes leads to high blood sugar level and it can cause improper functionality of the kidney. If the body does not control sugar for a prolonged time, it may cause failure of the kidney (renal failure). Moreover, if a person has high blood pressure and a family history of diabetes, they need to take care of their kidney at an extreme level.

High blood pressure

Diabetes tends to raise the risk of high blood pressure which has severe consequences on the body. Constant high blood pressure can itself create a lot of complications for any diabetic patient. It can lead to migraine, hemorrhage, stroke, and other such threats.

Cholesterol and heart disease

The heart is the main organ that pumps blood in the body, but if the blood contains high sugar level, it may cause high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases. Basically, the high sugar level of the blood leads to fatty deposits around the heart wall that clog the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are clogged or constricted, it can lead to heart attack or stroke. This is threatening condition when a person has 15 years of diabetic history.

Nerve diseases

If blood vessels get narrowed from fatty deposits, it prevents the oxygen flow to the nerves. This can cause the neuropathic disease or may lead to nerve tissue damage. Without proper nourishment of the nerve, it may result in disorders such as inflammation, numbness in legs, arms, and fingers, pain due to neuropathic diabetes, sexual dysfunction, etc.


Due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, circulation of blood in the lower portion of the body may not be optimal. Because of this, a person can suffer from bruises or lesions on their feet or leg and this will take a long time to heal because of diabetes that reduces the self-healing effect of the immune system. Moreover, if a person suffers nerve damage due to diabetes, it may result in amputation of leg or feet.

In addition to all these, diabetes can also affect the reproductive health, especially during pregnancy, and lead to skin conditions as well.

if you have diabetes or a pre-diabetic condition, it is best to consult the medical experts from time to time and manage your diabetes as per their guidelines in a strict manner. following a holistic lifestyle can also help you avert the risks wisely. by managing it well, you would be able to avoid the risks that are mentioned above. prevention is the best cure, as it is said.


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