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Uttrakhand ex-minister mapping his constituency to detect cases


By NS Desk 31-May-2020

Dehradun, May 31 (IANS) Former Uttrakhand Minister Nav Prabhat has taken the task upon himself to detect any case of Covid-19 in his constituency of Vikasnagar. A former representative of the area, Nav Prabhat has constituted 14 teams to visit each house to get the thermal screening done.

Speaking to IANS, Nav Prabhat said, "This time, apart from helping the needy the requirement is to allay the fear from the people's mind about Covid as government machinery is not equipped and is often late in response."

He said, for his constituency he has procured thermal scanners and visit each house to check if anybody is suffering from fever. If any doubtful case is found, the local authorities are informed and then they take care of it, he added.

The constituency has around 2 lakh population and about half the population has been screened but till date no positive case has been found, he said.

He said Uttrakhand had less cases of coronavirus but now the cases are increasing due to the influx of people who were staying in metros.

The Congress leader alleged that the government is inactive and it's not doing enough on testing which is necessary for this pandemic.

Nav Prabhat demanded that the government should transfer cash into the accounts of the people who are in distress and make alternative arrangement for their employment.



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