UP records 25 new Covid cases in 24 hours


By NS Desk 03-Aug-2021

Lucknow, Aug 3 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh has recorded just 25 new Covid cases across 17 districts in the past 24 hours.

Forty-eight districts have recorded zero cases.

Ten districts in the state are already free from the pandemic with active cases touching zero.

According to the health department release, the state has now 646 active cases with Mainpuri (52) and Kushinagar (50) accounting for the maximum burden.

The release said that 56 districts in the state have 20 or fewer active cases. This includes 38 districts with less than five active cases.

Officials pointed out that prevention was crucial despite the sustained decline in cases as the risk of infection and its complications remained high.

Ten states in the country are already witnessing a fresh surge in cases.

In wake of this, officials said individual alertness towards symptoms and isolation of people coming to Uttar Pradesh from outside, especially the high burden states, was of paramount importance.

The state was conducting a high number of tests despite extremely low positivity rate to keep the virus at bay in view of the impending third wave.



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