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Unable to save friend, young men donate health equipment


By NS Desk 29-Jun-2021

Lucknow, June 29 (IANS) A group of young men, who had lost their friend to Covid, pooled in their money and have donated three beds and a wheelchair to the community health centre (CHC) at Gudamba here, the government hospital nearest to the house of the deceased.

Avadh Dixit, a data analyst in a US-based company, died at the young age of 30 because he could not get a hospital bed in time. He had come to Lucknow during the recent corona curfew to see his family but got infected with Covid.

The pain of his untimely death made his friends do something for the healthcare sector.

"Avadh's condition was deteriorating and he did not get a hospital bed. By the time he was admitted to hospital in Indiranagar, he was critical and passed away on April 24," said his friend Anshul Mehrotra, a photographer.

Dixit had been ill for 10 days. His friends sent medicines to him but could not save him.

"Avadh was my closest friend. We were like brothers, sharing each and every memory since childhood. This gesture from us might reduce the pain of not being able to see our friend in his last days," said Mehrotra.

Aditya Anand, another friend, said, "Our donation is not huge but like us, everyone can take mini-steps to strengthen our health system. Before the third wave, people should try their best to support our health infrastructure."



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