TN worried over slight increase in Covid cases


By NS Desk 28-Jul-2021

Chennai, July 28 (IANS) Tamil Nadu health department which had done extremely well to curb the spike in fresh Covid-19 cases, is worried over the sudden spurt in cases in some districts of the state.

State health minister Ma Subramanian who has been leading the fight against the Covid-19 from the front told IANS, "There is a slight increase in cases in around 12 districts of the state. Even though it is not a big issue, we are not becoming callous and are taking all steps to curb the spread. People have to adhere strictly to Covid protocols, including wearing of masks and keeping social distancing and using sanitisers. No room for complacency in the fight against this dreaded disease."

While the number of fresh Covid 19 cases in the state has dropped from 1,785 on Monday to 17,67 cases on Tuesday, the slight increase in the 13 districts of the state is the reason for worry among health experts and the department.

The number of daily deaths due to Covid-19 has also increased in the state on Tuesday when compared to previous days. While 22 deaths were reported in the state on Sunday, it rose to 26 on Monday and 29 on Tuesday and this again is a matter of worry for the health department.

However much to the relief of the department, 17 districts including Chennai and Kancheepuram witnessed zero deaths due to Covid-19 on Tuesday.

The increase in fresh cases in Chennai district on Tuesday has become a matter of concern for the department as the district is located at the seat of administration. While the district saw a fall in fresh cases from 133 on July 22 to 122 cases on Monday, a sudden spurt of 139 fresh cases on Tuesday left the health department worried. Chennai district is now second only to Coimbatore that reported 169 fresh cases in a day.

State health secretary, J. Radhakrishnan said, "While there is a steady decline in cases across the state, some districts are showing a marginal increase in fresh cases. Covid protocols are to be strictly adhered to and this is the key in bringing down disease along with increase in vaccination."

He also said that people should wear masks and keep social distancing at all times to keep the disease at bay.

Other than Coimbatore, Chennai, Erode and Thanajavur all other districts in the state reported less than 100 fresh cases per day. Perambur reported the lowest number of cases with 6 fresh Covid-19 cases while Ramanathapuram reported 9 fresh cases in a day.

The state health department has already communicated with the district collectors of all the thirteen districts where the sudden increase in cases has happened and has sought a report. The department is mulling on more awareness programmes in these districts as well as conducting more testing to avoid spread.



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