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Thousands descend upon Andhra town for ayurvedic cure to Covid


By NS Desk 21-May-2021

Nellore (Andhra Pradesh), May 21 (IANS) With arrangements in place for distribution of an ayurvedic cure for Covid, large number of people have descended upon Krishnapatnam town in Nellore district, since Friday early morning.

However, with no clearance from the authorities, people were waiting impatiently for distribution to begin.

Sarvepalli Constituency MLA, Kakani Govardhan Reddy of the ruling YSRCP, had earlier announced that the medicine would be distributed from Friday morning onwards.

Arrangements such as counters, and queue-lines have been marked at the venue, along with ensuring physical distancing for the people.

The medication which is prepared by a local ayurveda practitioner, Anandiah, has been attracting people from the surrounding areas over the last few days. However, distribution was halted after the Lokayukta stepped in following reports that Covid norms were being violated.

Anandiah had become a local sensation after people in search of a cure for Covid, began landing in droves at his doorsteps, after visuals of his treatment went viral on social media platforms.

Anandiah is giving the medicine free of cost to whoever approaches him. The medicine, in the form of balls or liquid drops, contains natural antioxidants and components such as pepper, ginger, neem, turmeric, and tinospora codifolio, commonly known as giloy.

Apart from Covid positive people, even others, who are awaiting in vain for vaccines in short supply, are turning to Anandiah for the ayurvedic cure, even as there is no scientific evidence that ayurveda can cure corona.

Taking note of the development, the district administration had formed a committee consisting of officials, and AYUSH doctors, to evaluate the efficacy of the concoction. Nellore collector KVN Chakradhar Babu had said that the committee did not come across any adverse affects in people who took the medicine.

While some samples have been sent for testing, to a laboratory in Hyderabad, the results are still awaited.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy who was appraised of the situation is looking into the matter and expected to decide on the issue.



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