Sonu Sood lends helping hand for treatment of baby girl


By NS Desk 10-Aug-2021

Hyderabad, Aug 10 (IANS) A "severely" malnourished two-and-a-half year old girl, suffering from old burns and anemia, was cured successfully by Ankura Hospitals in association with Sood Charity Foundation.

Dr Srinidhi, Medical Director at Ankura Hospitals, LB Nagar, said, Afeefa Maryum was admitted to hospital last month with chronic non healing wound with intermittent bleeding and severe anemia with malnutrition.

A year ago hot oil accidentally fell over her left temporo - parietal region, left hand, nape of neck and upper back of trunk. She was immediately taken to a local hospital where collagen was applied and was discharged within a week.

Post discharge, the child developed scalds over left side of scalp area and was again admitted in the same hospital when collagen was applied over left side scalp and nape of neck, for the second time. The child didn't receive sufficient diet and nutrients leading to malnourishment.

"As the parents had no money for further treatment, they contacted actor Sonu Sood, who recommended Ankura Hospitals for treatment. When the child was admitted at Ankura for further evaluation and management, the situation was critical and challenging due to the low weight and given her medical condition," the doctor said.

He said that the 24/7 expert nursing care and specialist doctor team services led by Dr Hari Kiran was rendered to the baby as the initial few weeks were crucial for nutrition, maturation of lungs and brain and for establishing feeds.

"Four weeks of special care by the entire medical team along with access to the advanced equipment, standardized treatment protocols, key medical intervention and procedure helped the baby to survive," he added.

"Nothing brings me more joy than saving a life. I have worked with Ankura Hospital in the past. During the pandemic, I have referred some critical cases in gynaecology and paediatrics to them and they showed remarkable results...It strengthened my belief and resolve to become more seriously involved with such a healthcare brand that practices what it preaches," said Sonu Sood, Chairperson Sood Charity Foundation.



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