Rajasthan has second highest Covid antibodies after MP: Survey


By NS Desk 29-Jul-2021

Jaipur, July 29 (IANS) In the midst of fears of a third Covid wave by September/October, there is good news for Rajasthan as 76 per cent of its population has antibodies against the coronavirus.

This has been revealed in the report of sero survey conducted by the Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR) last month.

According to the report, a total of 1,226 random samples were taken from different cities in Rajasthan in June-July. When these samples were tested, antibodies were found in 934 samples. This survey report indicated the presence of Covid antibodies in the people of the state.

The Sero survey report further says that the highest number of antibodies across the country have been found in the people of Madhya Pradesh, which is around 79 per cent of the population. Rajasthan comes second after Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, the lowest antibody count has been found in Kerala which is just 44 per cent.

During the second Covid wave in Rajasthan, around 6 lakh positive cases were found in two and a half months (up to April, May and mid-June). More than 6,000 people lost their lives due to the coronavirus.

According to the report, Madhya Pradesh leads the chart with 79 per cent of its population having antibodies, while Rajasthan comes second with 76.2 per cent sero prevalence. Bihar has 75.9 per cent, Gujarat 75.3 per cent, Chhattisgarh 74.6 per cent, Uttarakhand 73.1 per cent, Uttar Pradesh 71 per cent and Andhra Pradesh 70.2 per cent sero prevalence.

Similarly in Karnataka, it is 69.8 per cent, Tamil Nadu 69.2 per cent, Odisha 68.1 per cent, Punjab 66.5 per cent, Telangana 63.1 per cent, Jammu and Kashmir 63 per cent, Himachal Pradesh 62 per cent, Jharkhand 61.2 per cent, West Bengal 60.9 per cent, Haryana 60.1 per cent, Maharashtra 58 per cent, Assam 50.3 per cent and Kerala 44.4 per cent. Kerala has the least antibodies among the states.



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