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Peanut butter for weight loss


By NS Desk 31-Mar-2021

Our lives are packed with multiple routine activities, mainly the athletes, gym goers etc and protein intake becomes essential for sustained energy. A 2017 survey shows that 73 per cent of Indians are deficient in protein while above 90 per cent are unaware of the daily requirement of protein.

"Even eating 2-3 table spoons of peanut butter can give you 35 per cent of daily recommended protein intake," suggests Anand Patel, Senior Marketing Manager, Das Foodtech Private Ltd. that offers Pintola -- a 'high protein peanut butter'.

Protein today is a major part of many low-carb diets. If workout is a part of one's weight loss plan, then building and repairing of muscle post workout is equally important, he says.

"Peanuts are considered a good source of protein by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), providing 7g of high-quality, plant-based protein to your diet in just one ounce (or about 30-40 pieces)."

One can add peanut butter in their morning smoothie with handful of oats or berries, to a peanut butter sandwich or healthy no bake peanut butter and muesli cookies, etc, he suggests.

"Peanut butter can help in weight loss, but the key is to have it in moderation because it is extremely high in calorie count," he emphasises.

"While peanut butter's macronutrient ratio fits one's low carb diet perfectly, beginners who have just started living the healthy lifestyle, should make it a priority to measure their peanut butter consumption to avoid overeating."

A daily serving of peanut butter or peanut powder can have positive effects to help you toward your health goals, and can be the absolute snack for people venturing on the ketogenic journey, he concludes. <br> <br>(Puja Gupta can be contacted at [email protected])


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