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Nurse injects empty syringe into youth in Bihar's Chapra


By NS Desk 25-Jun-2021

Patna, June 25 (IANS) A nurse allegedly injected an empty syringe into the arms of a youth during Covid vaccination drive in Chapra town in Bihar's Saran, an official said on Friday.

After a video of the purported incident, which occurred on June 21, went viral on social media on Friday, the official said that the nurse concerned was removed from the Covid centre and the Health Department has issued show cause notice to her.

Azher Hussain went to Covid vaccination centre at Behrampur Imambara Madarsa, along with his friend Aman Khan, to take the first dose.

During vaccination, the nurse, without filling the vaccine into the syringe, had injected it into Hussin's arm, and the entire process was captured into the mobile phone by Aman Khan. However, neither noted that the syringe was empty and happily returned home.

It was only after seeing the video at home that a shocked Hussain realised that an empty syringe was injected into his arm.

In the video, the woman nurse was found interacting with others, as she took the syringe from a wrapper and injected it into his arm without filling it with the vaccine.

The Civil Surgeon of Saran district did not respond to this incident despite repeated attempts.



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