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NSUI, IYC to hold free vax camp on Rahul's birthday


By NS Desk 18-Jun-2021

New Delhi, June 18 (IANS) Even as former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said that he will not celebrate his birthday, the National Students Union of India (NSUI) and the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) has planned to organise free Covid vaccination drive at its office for the people.

NSUI National President Neeraj Kundan told IANS that the organisation is organising a free vaccination drive on the birthday of Rahul Gandhi on June 19.

He said that our leader Rahulji believes that rather than chasing virus we should get vaccinated so that virus cannot chase us.

"Rahul ji has said that vaccination is the best possible way to safeguard people amidst pandemic," Kundan added.

NSUI National secretary Lokesh Chugh said that the vaccination camp at its office will start on Saturday morning.

He said that the NSUI workers will help the people to get them registered at the Cowin site and get them vaccinated free of cost.

Similarly, IYC will be holding vaccination drive across the country for the senior citizens, daily workers and frontline workers who have not been vaccinated.

IYC media incharge, Rahul Rao told IANS, "On the birthday of Rahul Gandhiji we have planned to distribute ration kits, sanitisers, face masks among the people across the country."

He said that the IYC will also organise vaccination camp at several places across the country for the senior citizens, daily workers, front line workers.

He further said that if people are not registered on Cowin, the IYC activists will help the people in getting them registered.

The IYC leader further said that it will also provide medicines for the Covid patients across the country.



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