MP sets up O2 plants to tackle possible 3rd Covid wave


By NS Desk 10-Aug-2021

Bhopal, Aug 10 (IANS) The Madhya Pradesh government has made necessary preparations to deal with the expected third wave of Covid-19 infection in the state. As many as 189 oxygen plants are being set up which will likely be functional by September this year.

Madhya Pradesh Public Health and Family Welfare Minister, Prabhuram Choudhary said a total of 189 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants are being set up in the state to ensure adequate availability of oxygen in the treatment of people. As many as 57 oxygen plants have been set up which are already operational while the remaining plants will be functional by the end of September.

"PSA oxygen plants are being set up in all medical colleges and district hospitals across the state. Of these, 11 such plants have been set up in medical colleges while 83 were installed in district hospitals. As many as 48 PSA oxygen plants are being set up in civil hospitals, 41 in community institutions and six in other government health institutions," the Minister added,

Choudhary said, "One PSA oxygen plant each has been set up in Lanji, Waraseoni, Sendhwa, Lahar, Bairagarh, Berasia, Pandurna, Sausar, Hatta, Amoli, Aron, Hazira, Pipariya, Itarsi, Manpur, Sihora, Petlawad, Thandla, Vijayraghavgarh, Barwaha, Nainpur, Bhanpur, Sabalgarh, Jawad, Sarangpur, Biaora, Teonthar, Nasrullaganj, Ashta, Shujalpur, Nagda, Ganj Basoda, Bhagwanpura and Gadarwara while two oxygen plants each have been installed at Kailash Nath Katju (Kukshi), Ambah, Jaora, Kurai, Maihar and Madhav Nagar Civil Hospital.

Choudhary said PSA oxygen plants are being installed in 41 community health centres while one oxygen plant each has been set up in MRTB Hospital Indore, Military Hospital Jabalpur, AIIMS Bhopal, ESI Hospital Nagda, Nehru Shatabdi Chikitsalaya Singrauli and Railway Hospital Jabalpur.

Covid-19 patients need oxygen to battle the infection. During the second wave of the pandemic owing to lack of oxygen, several patients died and many had to face severe problems across the country. For this purpose oxygen plants are being set up in all hospitals across Madhya Pradesh.



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