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J&K again sees new Covid cases outpace recoveries


By NS Desk 20-Aug-2021

Srinagar, Aug 20 (IANS) New Covid cases outnumbered recoveries in J&K on Friday with 159 new cases, 126 recoveries, and one death reported in the last 24 hours.

Officials said that 36 cases, 64 recoveries, and one death were reported from the Jammu division, and 123 cases, and 62 recoveries from the Kashmir division.

'Black fungus' tally stayed at 43 with no new case.

As many as 323,951 people have been infected with coronavirus out of which 318,409 have recovered, while 4,401 have succumbed.

Active cases stand at 1,141, out of which 425 are from the Jammu division and 716 from the Kashmir division.



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