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IIT alumnus makes sanitizer using deodorant


By NS Desk 02-Jul-2020

Kanpur, July 2 (IANS) A former IIT-Kanpur student, in collaboration with an assistant professor of IIT-Guwahati, has prepared a deodorant-cum-sanitizer that not only keeps the coronavirus at bay for about seven to 10 hours but also smells good.

The two collaborators have worked closely with the Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre in Kanpur on this project. The former IIT Kanpur student, Aanshik Gangwar, said that the new deodorant is skin and environment friendly and its smell relieves tension also.

"The deodorant can be used on the body and on the clothes. It contains sanitizer components that help in fighting Coronavirus. We have got the patent and the sanitizer-cum deodorant will be available in the market shortly," he told reporters.

The product contains 80 per cent ethyl alcohol, 10 per cent green oil, 10 per cent moisturizer Neutrogena oil, Aromatic oils have also been used for fragrance.



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