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HUL closes Haridwar factory for sanitisation after staff test positive


By NS Desk 17-Jul-2020

<br>A company spokesperson said that HUL gives utmost priority to the safety and health of its staff, and has implemented world-class hygiene, social distancing and sanitization measures, fulfilling the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Government of India, and the local administration.

Responding to an IANS query, an HUL spokesperson said, "We can confirm that some of our employees at the Haridwar factory have been diagnosed with Covid-19. This came out of an employee Covid testing programme we have activated. We are supporting them and their family in every way we can," the statement said.

HUL has closed the site for sanitisation before restarting its operations. It is also carrying out contact tracing among the employees to curtail further spread of the virus.

"To curtail further spread, we are carrying out contact tracing amon other employees and workers, and accordingly, advising them to self-isolate and monitor their health conditions," the company spokesperson told IANS.

"As an added precaution, we have decided to close the site to ensure deep cleaning and sanitisation before restarting operations," the spokesman said.

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