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Hospitals in Delhi running dangerously low on oxygen


By NS Desk 01-May-2021

New Delhi, May 1 (IANS) Hospitals across the national capital continue to sound the alarm about shortage of oxygen. Sant Parmanand Hospital and Bhagat Chandra hospital have sought help from the authorities claiming that they are left with little oxygen.

Bhagat Chandra hospital in Mahavir Enclave in West Delhi will reportedly run out of oxygen by Saturday evening. "There are 81 patients of which 68 are on oxygen support and five are on ventilators. Our oxygen cylinders are almost empty. We have only about 40 minutes of supply left. We immediately need oxygen supply for uninterrupted patient care," said Mahim Bhagat, CEO Bhagat Chandra Hospital.

Bhagat said that the hospital was allotted 1.9 MT oxygen but received only one MT in the last three days till Friday. "No supply has reached today (Saturday) from the primary supplier allocated to Bhagat Chandra Hospital. Plant of the secondary supplier is closed," Bhagat said.

The over 150-bed Sant Parmanand Hospital in Civil Lines said, "Currently we are running on dangerously low levels of oxygen supply, which can lead to a very serious adverse patient incident."

In a statement, the hospital said, "We at Sant Parmanand Hospital are treating a number of patients regularly. Most of these patients are being supported on un-interrupted medical oxygen. For the last few days the hospital has been facing serious difficulties in procuring adequate and regular supply of oxygen."

It said that 53 patients are on liquid oxygen which will last for two hours and 25 patients are on D type calendars which are running out of oxygen. "Despite sending personnel and transportation to the allotted oxygen stations we did not get adequate supply of oxygen. We are facing supply uncertainties leading to serious concerns regarding a calamitous incident involving patients being maintained on oxygen," the hospital said.

Sant Parmanand Hospital appealed to the state and central governments to help procure oxygen immediately to avert an imminent crisis.

On Saturday afternoon, eight Covid-19 patients, including a doctor, died at Delhi's Batra Hospital due to shortage of medical oxygen at the facility.



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