Gurugram administration issues advisory amid spread of bird flu


By NS Desk 12-Jan-2021

amid spread of bird flu

Gurugram- After bird flu cases were confirmed in a poultry farm in Panchkula in Haryana, the Gurugram administration has issued an advisory citing bird flu scare across the district on Tuesday.

However, bird flu infection has not been confirmed yet in the district, officials said.

According to administration officials, instructions have been given across the district that information related to sick or dead birds should be reported to the animal husbandry department immediately.

The officials claimed that there is no danger in eating well-cooked chicken or eggs because according to experts, the virus dies at temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius. The administration has also issued advisory for the poultry farms and people involved in the poultry business.

The advisory states that no person should come in direct contact with chickens and must use gloves or any other protective device. They must not touch birds' feathers and mucus. In case of touching due to any reason, and immediately wash hands thoroughly with soap and keep chickens in the enclosure. Infected birds must be killed.

Gurugram Civil Surgeon Dr Virender Yadav also held a meeting with the officials concerned to prevent bird flu and gave them necessary guidelines on Monday.

The civil surgeon said that all health workers must work actively in their respective fields and immediately inform the officials of the Animal Husbandry Department if any unusual death of birds is reported.

"Infections in the sick birds' mucus and feathers can spread to humans, although there has been no case of this disease spreading from birds to humans in India so far. Its main symptoms are the same as normal flu, which include breathing problems, high fever and cold," he said.

He said that these days, people should avoid contact with chickens and sick birds while dead birds should be buried safely.

"For the prevention of bird flu, work is being done in mutual coordination with the Department of Animal Husbandry, Wildlife and Veterinary Surgeons so that the situation of bird flu can be dealt with. A rapid response team has been formed for bird flu prevention and sampling," Dr Yadav said. (IANS)

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