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Dilip Kumar is stable and on oxygen support, not on ventilator


By NS Desk 07-Jun-2021

Mumbai, June 7 (IANS) Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar, who is admitted to Hinduja Hospital here, is on oxygen support and his condition is stable.

A post on his official Twitter page on Monday stated the veteran actor is waiting for a few test results to perform pleural aspiration.

"Update at 11.45 a.m., Dilip Saab is on oxygen support -- not on ventilator. He is stable. Waiting for few test results to perform pleural aspiration : Dr Jalil Parkar, chest specialist treating Saab. Will update regularly," the tweet read.

Dilip Kumar was admitted to hospital on Sunday.

An earlier tweet on his official Twitter handle on Sunday had stated: "Dilip Sahab has been admitted to non-Covid PD Hinduja Hospital Khar for routine tests and investigations. He's had episodes of breathlessness. A team of healthcare workers led by Dr. Nitin Gokhale is attending to him. Please keep Sahab in your prayers and please stay safe."

The 98-year-old actor was hospitalised last month as well.



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