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Delhi doctors getting oxygen cylinders refilled from Haridwar


By NS Desk 02-May-2021

New Delhi, May 2 (IANS) Amid the surge in Covid cases in the national capital, the Delhi government is taking all necessary measures to contain the virus and provide treatment to the patients. Doctors across the city are also putting in all their efforts in treating the patients and overcoming the shortage of oxygen.

The doctors with the help of family members of the patients are getting the oxygen cylinders refilled from a refilling facility in Haridwar in order to ensure continuous oxygen supply for the patients. The relatives of the patients are travelling from Delhi to Haridwar in their own vehicles to get the cylinders.

Recently, the Delhi government converted the Shehnai Banquet Hall near LNJP hospital into a Covid care centre. Patients with mild to moderate symptoms have been kept here.

Rajat Jain, President of the 'Doctor for You' organisation, which is responsible for this Covid care centre, told IANS that "there is acute shortage of oxygen while the patients who are being admitted now are in need of it. The LNJP hospital is providing oxygen to us but they are also grappling with the shortage. We are getting the cylinders refilled from Haridwar with the help of family members of the patients. As of now, we have got 40 cylinders refilled."

"We have concentrators and with the help of a few NGOs we are trying to make arrangements at our level. Around 60 patients are admitted in the Banquet Hall. We are requesting the family members to get the cylinders refilled from Haridwar," he added.

The centre is equipped with oxygen support and doctors as well as nurses are here to take care of the patients with mild or moderate symptoms or who need oxygen support.



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