Cuban scientists to write to Biden condemning US embargo


By NS Desk 11-Aug-2021

Havana, Aug 11 (IANS) Cuban scientists will send a letter to US President Joe Biden condemning the US embargo against the country.

The letter is intended to raise awareness about the necessity to put an end to the US embargo, Agustin Lage, senior advisor at the presidency of Cuban biotech-company Biocubafarma, told Xinhua on Tuesday.

"What makes Cuba unique is the need to manage the epidemic under a crippling financial, trade and economic embargo enforced by the US government for the last six decades," the letter mentions.

The move came weeks after Biden's statements "discrediting" Cuba's efforts in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.

The letter says that if the US government really wants to help Cubans, it could roll back the 243 (former US President) Donald Trump-era measures.

"The (US) Congress could also lift sanctions altogether, as demanded each year by overwhelming votes at the United Nations General Assembly by the nations of the world," Cuban scientists wrote.

First imposed in 1962, the US embargo has been intensified during the pandemic, restricting the country's access to medical supplies and row materials to support local production of the coronavirus vaccines.

The letter is expected to be signed by scientists, doctors and citizens from Cuba.



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