CGHS beneficiaries allowed to purchase medicines till Oct 31


By NS Desk 10-Aug-2021

New Delhi, Aug 10 (IANS) The Union Health Ministry has decided that CGHS beneficiaries getting medicines for chronic diseases will be permitted to purchase them and get reimbursed.

In a circular issued on Tuesday, the ministry said that an option has been provided to CGHS beneficiaries getting medicines for chronic diseases to purchase medicines based on a prescription from CGHS medical officers and other authorised personnel till July 31, irrespective of non-availability certificate from CGHS.

However, several representations had been received, seeking an extension in view of the Covid-19 pandemic and rise in active cases, and in view of the same, the cut-off date to avail such medicines has been extended till October 31.

The Health Ministry also said that CGHS Wellness Centres are operational and beneficiaries also have the option to collect medicines from the centres as per normal practice instead of purchasing them from the market.



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