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'Black fungus patient' comes to Janata Darbar of Nitish Kumar


By NS Desk 12-Jul-2021

Patna, July 12 (IANS) Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar found himself in an uncomfortable situation for a few minutes after a youth sitting in front of him claimed that he was suffering from black fungus.

The youth had come to Day 1 of the Janata Darbar of Nitish Kumar. It began on Monday after a long gap of 5 years.

The Bihar CM was sitting on one side of the table and the youth was sitting on the other side. While Kumar was looking at the application of that youth and asked him about the problem he was facing, he said that he is suffering from black fungus.

As soon as he said black fungus, Kumar became uncomfortable. One of the officials standing alongside the chief minister asked who is suffering from black fungus in your family, and the youth said that he is having black fungus.

Following the incident, Nitish Kumar called the health secretary and directed him to make arrangements for the proper treatment of the youth.

On Day 1 of Nitish Kumar's Janata Darbar, over 100 complainants reached his residence in Patna on Monday.



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