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Bird flu enters Maharashtra but no ban on eggs, chicken yet


By NS Desk 11-Jan-2021

Parbhani (Maharashtra), Jan 11 (IANS) Bird flu has entered Maharashtra after test reports confirmed the deaths of over 800 chickens due to the infection in the Murrumba village in Parbhani district last week, officials said here on Monday.

District Disaster Management Officer Pawan Khandge said the blood samples of the chicken found dead on Friday, were sent to the government's veterinary college here and later the reports proved the infection.

"The concerned district authorities are visiting the affected village for a survey and later Collector Deepak M. Mugalikar shall take the decision to declare a containment zone and other suitable precautions to prevent further spread of the bird-flu," Khandge told IANS.

The state health authorities held a high-level meeting of officials from different departments to assess the situation arising out of the new threat to both animals and humans.

However, Animal Husbandry Minister Sunil Kedar said contrary to rumours there is no ban on sale of poultry products like eggs or chicken as of now and the state government is in a state of high alert.



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