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Attendants of Covid patients stage protest outside Chennai hospital


By NS Desk 19-May-2021

Chennai, May 19 (IANS) Attendants of Covid-19 patients carried out a protest outside the Rajiv Gandhi general hospital here on Wednesday. The protest continued for two hours.

The hospital had permitted one attendant each for a Covid-19 patient but around 100 people had thronged the premises of the hospital.

Hospital sources said these people were claiming that they were the attendants of Covid-19 patients and police, on checking their credentials and details found that there were four to five attendants for each patient, leading to a huge crowding in hospital premises.

Police removed all those who were thronging the hospital premises which led to protest by the attendants.

As the attendants tried to enter the hospital again, police set up barricades to prevent them from entering the hospital. As the tension grew, more cops were called in to bring the situation under control. Finally, all attendants who were staying there in excess were removed after checking their credentials.



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