AIIMS Officers Association warns of strike by month-end


By NS Desk 19-Aug-2021

New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) The All India Institute of Medical Science may see its Officers Association going on strike by the end of this month to press for their demands, including cadre review "which has not been done for last 30 years".

The Officers Association of AIIMS has submitted a memorandum to the AIIMS administration with their demands, saying cadre review has not been done since 1992 and the Health Ministry and AIIMS should seriously consider the matter.

Officers Association of AIIMS President Ajeet Singh said that they have written many times to the Health Ministry in the past, but got no response.

"Now the Health Minister has also changed, but our demands are still unanswered. We are requesting the AIIMS administration to undertake a cadre review which has not been done for last 30 years. Once the cadre is reviewed, the employees of Officers Association AIIMS can be promoted, but no consideration has been given so far," said.

The association's other demands include the review of AIIMS's contribution in national pension scheme. Ajeet Singh claimed that other government offices contribute 14 per cent in the NPS, but AIIMS offers only 10 per cent.

He also said that Delhi's AIIMS, Chandigarh AIIMS, and PGI Puducherry Hospital fall under the same category, but all are being given different pay scales. "A coordination committee was constituted in 2012 at Deputy Director level with Delhi AIIMS, Chandigarh AIIMS, and PGI Puducherry to solve such issues but all has gone in vain and nothing has been achieved," he said.

If the AIIMS administration will not respond to our demands, we will go on strike by the end of this month, he warned.



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