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Abhayarishta: Benefits, Side Effects, Composition and Dosage


By NS Desk 01-Jul-2021


Abhayarishta is an Ayurvedic drug. It is made from a combination of jaggery and some herbs. There are many advantages to using Abhayarishta. It is one of the best medicines to treat stomach ailments such as constipation and hemorrhoids. Abhayarishta is one of the main medications given, especially in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Besides hemorrhoids and constipation, Abhayarishta is also used in many other diseases. Let us know about this medicine in detail.

Herbs/Components Used in the Abhayarishta

  • Terminalia chebula
  • Vitis vinifera Linn.
  • Embelia ribes
  • Schleichera oleosa
  • Water
  • Jaggery
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Operculina turpethum
  • Coriandrum sativum
  • Woodfordia fruticosa
  • Citrullus colocynthis
  • Piper retrofractum Vahl.
  • Foeniculum vulgare
  • Zingiber officinale
  • Baliospermum montanum
  • Salmalia malabarica

Benefits of Abhayarishta

Abhayarishta Syrup Cures Piles: A powerful laxative, potions are widely used to prevent and treat hemorrhoids and piles. It softens the stool and makes it easier to pass stool from the intestines. It reduces the stress on the lower part of the intestine and prevents anal fissures, bleeding, and the protrusion of the mass from the anus. It also improves bowel strength and helps in cleansing the colon.

Abhayarishta Syrup Relieves Constipation: Ayurveda strongly recommends using this formulation to treat constipation. It increases bile secretion through the liver, which in turn acts on the peristaltic movements of the intestines and liver, allowing for smooth bowel movements from the large intestine. It also plays an important role in minimizing mucus and excess fat in stool, preventing it from sticking to the intestinal wall, allowing easy movement.

Abhayarishta Syrup Promotes Digestion: Abhayarishta is a powerful digestive stimulant. The digestive nature of the syrup helps break down food particles in the stomach and intestines, promotes the secretion of digestive juices, thereby increasing the absorption of essential nutrients by the intestine and improving intestinal digestion. It helps eliminate gas and then reduces gas, gas, and gaseous cramps. It is of great importance in the treatment of a wide variety of gastrointestinal disorders such as esophagitis, heartburn, diarrhea, gas, gastric ulcer, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Prevents Urinary Disorder: Herbal remedies play an important role in preventing and treating urinary bladder infections, urinary incontinence, kidney stones, and painful urination. The potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of syrup prevent bacterial urinary tract infections, thereby reducing inflammation and painful urination.

Abhayarishta Side Effects

Definitely no side effects. However, overdosing can lead to an upset stomach. Therefore, the medicine should only be taken under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor.

Abhayarishta Dosage

For Adults
30 ml per day in divided doses
Maximum 60 ml per day in divided doses

For Children
Between 0.5 ml to 10 ml according to age
Abhayarishta should be taken twice a day with an equal amount of water.

  • Infants- 0.5 ml
  • Toddler- 1 ml
  • Age 3 to 12- 2.5 ml
  • Teenagers- 15-20 ml
  • Adults- 15-30 ml

Or as directed by the Ayurvedic doctor.

Storage and Safety Information

  • Abhayarishta must be stored in a cool place in a tightly closed amber coloured bottle to prevent it from light and moisture.
  • Abhayarishta contains simple kitchen ingredients and it is likely safe for short-term as well as long-term use.

Online Purchase of Abhayarishta

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long do I need to use Abhayarishta till I see improvement in my condition?
You can use Abhayarishta for several months. However, you must consult a qualified practitioner before consuming this Ayurvedic medicine to be sure about the prescription.

Q. Does it have any effect on pregnancy?
It is advisable to avoid the consumption of Abhayarishta during pregnancy. This herb contains Colocynth that can increase the contractions of the uterus, thereby raising the risk of abortion.

Q. Can you get rid of chronic constipation by consuming Abhayarishta?
Mild to moderate constipation can be cured by Abhayarishta easily. While Abhayarishta helps in reducing the pressure in large intestine and enable bowel movement, it can also be used to treat chronic constipation.

Q. Can Abhayarishta be consumed before or after meals?
Abhayarishta is usually consumed after meals to treat digestive problems such as gas and constipation.

Q. Should it be consumed with water?
Yes, Abhayarishta must be taken twice a day with equal amount of water as the powder.

Q. What should be avoided while consuming Abhayarishta?
It is essential to consume Abhayarishta in appropriate quantities and not overdose so as to avoid any side effects.

Q. Can it be addictive?
No, Abhayarishta is not addictive.

Q. Can it make you drowsy?
Yes, you might experience drowsiness, dizziness, hypotension, or a headache as side-effects of Abhayarishta. However, its effects tend to be different on different people.

Q. Can it be consumed before driving?
For best results, it is advisable to consume Abhayarishta after meals. The consumption of this Ayurvedic medication may induce drowsiness, and thus it must not be taken before driving.


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consult with ayurveda doctor.
Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.
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