Low Sperm Count - 15 Most Common Mistakes Everyone Commits!

Low Sperm Count

Low Sperm Count causes

There are a few very common things that a man consumes or does every day without even realizing, that they have a tendency to reduce his fertility. These causes start from drinking and could end with something as harmless as caffeine. Let's see which habits can cause reduction in sperm count thereby reducing fertility of a man.

1. Eating processed meat harms sperm quality.

2. Excessive usage of laptop can also lead to reduction in sperm count because of the heat that a laptop releases.

3. Hormonal imbalance also causes low sperm production.

4. If a man is underweight or overweight, this could also lead to less production of sperm. So, a man should watch his weight before thinking of extending his family.

5. Exposure to too much heat for a prolonged time leads to reduction in sperm count.

6. Regular smoking also leads to reduction in sperm count.

7. Excessive stress also causes reduction in sperm count.

8. Regular and continuous exposure to chemicals like xylene, painting material and metal like lead also leads to low sperm count.

9. Chemicals present in sunscreen lotion can harm a man's sperm count so one should be alert while using a sunscreen lotion. 10. Sex toys also cause infertility in men because of presence of phthalates in them.

11. Regular intake of canned food can also contribute in low sperm count.

12. Regular drinking habits reduce testosterone levels thereby reducing the quality and production of sperm.

13. Excessive intake of canned food leads to intake of bisphenol A which lowers down the quality of the sperm.

14. Excess intake of caffeine also leads to reduction in sperm count.

15. Lack of exercise and laziness also reduces sperm count to a great extent.

Some of the above mentioned things can be unavoidable, but point here is that taking everything in moderate quantity doesn't do any harm but problem occurs when the intake is excessive, regular and beyond limit. So, it's better to reduce the quantity and regular use of such things than letting it affect your sperm count.

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