Protect Your Kids From Common Winter Diseases


By NS Desk 13-Nov-2017

With the onset of the winter season, the major concern for the mothers of newborn babies, toddlers, and kids, is to protect their child from the common winter diseases such as common cold, RSV/bronchiolitis, flu, croup, pneumonia and strep throat. These diseases often spread in winters and the major concern for the mothers is that even after taking the precautions, the children fell ill. The health of a baby is a big matter for parents as it affects directly to the weight and growth of the baby.

So what is the reason that even after taking the precautions the children fell ill? The reason is that the parents need to understand the triggers which cause these problems and further the solution to get rid of them.

The triggers or causes which lead to the common diseases in winters are the germs, bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle. The kids are too small to understand the consequences and repercussions of these diseases on their health. So it is very important to inculcate healthy habits in the lifestyle of kids in winter so that they remain healthy.

Drinking: The kids should be given the warm water for drinking as the warm water clears the nasal and chest congestion, soothes inflamed tonsils and is very good for digestion. The kids should be made habitual with this habit from a young age, especially in winters. The hot water is one of the baby cold remedies.

Healthy Eating: The kids should be fed with fresh hot vegetable soups in winters. The vegetables which come in winter season like spinach, carrots and likewise vegetables are good in nutrients as well as for digestion. The consumption of ghee in lentils, rice, and other eatable items is very beneficial. It strengthens immunity and is good for digestion.

The inclusion of spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric is very good for the immune system as well as for chest or nasal congestion. These spices can be added to the food items so that the kids can consume it easily. The kids can be given milk by adding a little turmeric; it protects them from the cold weather and also increases immunity. The paste of ginger can be applied at back and below of ear to get the relief from pain. It can be also applied to a sore throat to get relief from pain. the use of these spices works like a child’s cough medicine. Unhealthy and fried foods should be avoided. These foods lead to indigestion.

Daily Massage: Abhyanga or daily massage is very good for the health of kids. The massages increase their immunity, thrive their body, and tones the muscles and increase circulation.

The above diets and practices when followed in normal course lead to improving immunity and prepares the body to fight from any triggers that are harmful to it. The toddlers’ runny nose or infant cold will not bother you anymore.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.