Initiatives taken to popularise Ayush system treatments: Govt


By NS Desk 28-Jul-2021

Ayush system treatments

The government has taken an initiative to popularise the treatment of various diseases through Ayush, the Parliament was informed on Tuesday.

In a written reply in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Ayush Mahendrabhai Munjapara said: "The Ayurswasthya Yojana, a new umbrella scheme, has been developed to roll out of authentic classical Ayush interventions for promoting community health care and to provide support for establishment of Ayush medical health unit in reputed Ayush and allopathy institutions."

"Government of India has taken various policy initiatives to promote Indian Traditional System of Medicine such as launching of National Ayush Mission (NAM) to envisage better access to Ayush services through increase in the number of Ayush Hospitals and dispensaries, inclusion of Ayush in National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardio-vascular diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS)," he added.

He also said that the government has operationalised 12,500 Ayush health and wellness centres under Ayushman Bharat to provide services, introduced insurance coverage for Ayush treatments, and is disseminating the merits of Ayush systems through media platforms.

The minister also said that the Ministry, under its Central sector scheme for promotion of international cooperation, undertakes various initiatives for international promotion, propagation, and global acceptability of Ayush systems of medicine.

"The government has developed Champion Services Sector Scheme for medical value travel to enhance medical tourism in the field of Ayush and to provide support establishing world class, state of the art Ayush hospitals," he said.

The minister also stated that the government has also set up a National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board to boost medical, wellness, and yoga and ayurveda tourism, and is aiming to position India as a destination for health and wellness tourism through the Ayush system.

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