Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters for Winters


By NS Desk 01-Nov-2017

winters are that part of the year when your body needs to be protected from disease-causing elements of all sorts. in cold weather conditions, the body’s immune response time decreases significantly and hence we become prone to falling ill.
during this time, your body becomes susceptible to many germs that give rise to common ailments like a cough, flu, viral fever or cold. these communicable diseases sometimes take the form of even worse conditions that make your system weak. once a virus or bacteria get into our body, it is difficult to avoid the ailment that follows. the only way out is to take care of ourselves and make our body strong enough to counter the attack from disease-causing elements.
here are 6 essential must-dos to enhance your immunity and embrace this season of liveliness.

  • ayurveda stresses on the need for regular sun-basking in winters. this notion does, in fact, have a scientific backing. not only does it provide very comfortable warmth to our body, but also it gives you enough vitamin d to boost your immunity. vitamin d is a significant element in maintaining proper levels of immunity.
  • ayurveda suggests the consumption of curd, buttermilk and other fermented products in order to provide enough good bacteria to your system that in turn boosts your immunity. the regular consumption of antibiotics kills the harmful bacteria and also the good bacteria that live in the intestine and promotes healthy digestion. yoghurt or takra is an excellent source of probiotic bacteria that help in eliminating ama the ultimate cause of all stomach miseries. also, avoiding antibiotics is a good way to retain the good bacteria in our systems.
  • vitamin c is an essential element this season because it protects you against cold. also, once you catch cold, citrus fruits help you in quicker and more efficient recovery. a very effective remedy for curing cold and running nose is to consume black tea with about 20 drops of lemon juice. regular consumption will help you recover faster.
  • the major reason behind any winter ailment is the collection of ama in our systems. this is deposited usually by the consumption of refined products. as per ayurveda, this ama is the perfect spot for attack by viruses. so to protect yourself from the invasion of germs, stay away from oily products that are likely to slacken your systems.
  • tulsi has proven anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that don’t just provide immunity but also they help you recover soon from various illnesses. tulsi and peppercorns help to cure common cough and cold. also turmeric milk is good for consumption in winters as it helps in easy digestion as well as in getting rid of mucous accumulations in the chest.
Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.