Ayurvedic Ways To Stay Healthy


By NS Desk 09-Dec-2020

Ayurvedic Ways To Stay Healthy

It is better to treat the cold by getting wet in the rain and protect yourself by putting an umbrella before the rain comes.

It is better to get sick and not get sick.  This is also the purpose of Ayurveda.  Protecting the health of the healthy and mitigation of the disease of the patient.  We can keep ourselves healthy and healthy by wearing small but important formulas related to the daily routine of Ayurveda, Ritucharya, Vihara in our daily life.

Golden Formulas to Stay Healthy:-
    • Always wake up at Brahmamuhurta (4-5 PM).  At this time, nature gives free health, life, happiness, happiness, light, and intelligence.
    • The habit of consuming 2-3 glasses of warm water after urination as soon as you wake up from bed protects us from many diseases including headache, acidity, constipation, obesity, blood pressure, diarrhea, indigestion.
    • A bath should always be done with normal cold water.  (Where there is no prohibition).
    • First of all, water should be poured on the head during bathing, due to which the heat of the brain gets removed from the feet.
    • Washing the eyes with cold water twice a day is beneficial for eyesight.
    • Before bathing, before going to sleep, and after meals, you must give up urine.  This habit protects you from back pain, stones, and urinary diseases.
    • Continuous massage of mustard, sesame, or other medicinal oil doesn’t cause vata disorder, old age, tiredness.  Skin is beautiful, vision is clean and the body is strengthened.
    • Morning walk, yoga, exercise should be done according to the capacity of the body.

    • Water should not be drunk 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after meals to avoid diseases like apach, constipation, ajeern, obesity.  Water should not be drunk with food.
    • 3-4 liters of water should be drunk little by little throughout the day.
    • At the beginning of the meal one should consume madhur-ras (sweet), aml(acid) in the middle, lavan-ras (sour, salty), and finally, bitter, tikt, kashay (tart, peppery, kasela) juice.
    • After meals, one should sit for 5-10 minutes in Vajrasana and 5-10 minutes on the left side.
    • Running, swimming, bathing, and copulating immediately after meals are very harmful to health.
    • Digestive power is destroyed by eating food immediately and there are diseases like indigestion, constipation, expectoration, acidity.  Therefore, the evening meal should be light and digestible 2 hours before bedtime.
    • On average 6-7 hours of sleep is necessary to keep the body and mind fresh and active.

    • Apart from the heat, sleeping in the day and awakening in the night for a long time night causes heaviness, fever, cold, headache, and fire.
    • Curd, lemon, salt, sesame urad, berries, radish, fish, bitter gourd, etc. should not be consumed with milk.  There is a possibility of skin disease and co-ordination.
    • A person seeking health should be ejected from the body with urinary, feces, venus, apanavayu, vomit, sneeze, belching, yawning, thirst, tears, sleepiness, and exertion of exhaled breathing.
    • Before sleeping in the night, teeth should be cleaned, and feet should be washed with cold water.

In the night, the work plan for the next day should be made after reviewing the work done before sleeping. After that, deep and long, easy breathing should relax the body and mind. 

By resting your daily activities, stress, worries, thoughts with a calm mind, you should go to sleep in a relaxed manner by surrendering to the restless consciousness.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.