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Healthy Ageing Month

Written by: Sangeeta Singh

SEPTEMBER is known as healthy ageing month !


Worthington is the creator of "September is healthy ageing month, an annual health observance designed to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older!
Now it is more than 20 years since it began.

As the topic itself is "healthy ageing month" But do you know an interesting fact of biology- you are only 6 months old! Yes you read right. 
Every cell is new in 6 months. Even poets knew that HERACLITUS beautifully wrote "no man ever steps in the same river twice"

As you only know your chronological age. But you, your mind that is your thought process, your consciousness keeps telling new cells about your actual chronological age and that memory is enough for your new cell to feel dull.
Now understand the mind game you are as old as you think, your body and mind is not separated, your each cell have its own memory. So make sure you pore it with all positivity.
Now break the myth that your body and mind are different & think in holistic manner and by thinking that here comes ayurveda for your complete health management which includes every aspects of physical, mental,social and spiritual wellbeing.

Ayurveda is only science which not merely talk about health but also educate you equally how to maintain that health.
As motive of healthy ageing month was to pore the positive aspects of health that "it's never too late to work on your health"
Ahead Ayurveda science gives you proper guidelines to follow accordingly. If we talk about September it's a starting of sarad ritu (likewise each ritu guidelines are mentioned in ayurveda texts) 

If we talk about September it's a starting of sarad ritu (likewise each ritu guidelines are mentioned in ayurveda texts)

What you eat, drink, think and do each contributes to your health.
Following guidelines of sarad ritu should be adopted!
For eg. Eating light food which is easily digestible like green gram, natural sweet products from plants should be consumed, Gulkand - instead of sugar, sugar candy should be used, sessional vegetables (should be cooked in rock salt-sendha namak),  Pure cow ghee should be used externally in your pulses or chapati.
Always eat at hunger strike!
Some don'ts should strictly avoided in this ritu(session) heavy diet including non- veg, excess oil and fried foods, excess exposure to sunlight (as aggravated pitta in your body might get increase by sun exposure during sarad ritu), Day sleeping, excess indulged in sex (once in 3 day is allowed)

There are some tips which should permanently incorporate in your lifestyles.
Discipline life (flexible lifestyle is the root cause of all disorders), Early to bed early to rise is the first step towards your wellbeing.
Drink warm water after getting up from bed (amount should be according to you as per your body's demands), Take fresh oxygen of early morning, do meditation, pranayam and vyayaam (exercise) as per your wish (for atleast 15 minutes), Fruits should be taken before 12 noon (fruits shouldn't be taken after 12 noon neither after your meal), Same goes with salad (one should eat before meal, neither with meal nor after the meal but it should be taken after 12 noon.

Drink boil water (that water should be taken at normal room temperature, don't force your body to drink hot water). See day sleeping as a crime until it's summer session or you are fully exhausted.
Randoms eating should be avoided (TIP: This could be avoided by differentiating emotional hunger and actual hunger- for eg. One will never wish to eat khichdi in emotional hunger but same one will eat that khichdi in actual hunger)

Eating dinner before 7o'clock or maximum 8o'clock should be adopted. Without rectifying this small mistakes we can't attend health which we unknowingly make but if we are making knowingly than we don't deserve to be healthy.

Our body is the greatest system on earth as the sages said "yat pinde tat brahmande" what ever is in universe is present in our body.
So observe your body, little difference wants to tell you alot. So do what your body says to do.
Consult your ayurveda physician as soon as possible on the onset of symptoms (your body don't lie)
Instead suppressing your symptoms, make sure to reverse the pathogenesis by adopting proper guidelines of ayurveda. 

People's often demotivate others if someone is following discipline lifestyle by trolling them for not enjoying life.
But the real truth they never get is self control increases your will power. A self control person is much more healthier, happier than others as they have the will power over everything.
For eg. Any preservatives food, junk food or refined products should be avoided by self control and by doing this a drastic improvement in your health will be observed (TIP: excess bakery products, biscuits, namkeen should not consumed on daily basis)

People's think modernization with flexible lifestyle is the way for health but they forget health is not show off.
Which is often justified by phrase " being you" but what is the actual meaning of being you?
Being alcoholic, smoker,drug addict is your "being you" ? Following wrong lifestyle which makes you too obese or too thin is your "being you"? If yes than you are wrong plus you need to change your negative circle who don't point out your mistakes!
Most of the people's don't know but 90% of mental health is because of wrong diet and lifestyle which is adopted in term of modernization as mental health is dependent on physical health and vice-versa which can attend only by correcting current diet and lifestyle by avoiding unnecessary things (which wastes your money,time and health)
"Being you" means courage,strength, not being slave,bold to tell truth, introvert, extrovert etc is the real appraisal things.

You have to release a unique way to approach a healthy life.
Many time seeing the way of life people's are approaching towards health is absurd!
We have been taught "heath is wealth" but we hardly see someone who is following.
Instead of that their approach is "wealth is health" but look at yourself, you are sick with all your wealth & if it's so than what is the meaning of wealth if you can't achieve your health?

When a ill person ask me how many day's i have to follow this diet, regimen when can i live my old normal life?
I asked what if your so called normal life with all junk food & habits is not normal?
What if i say, you have to relearn about what is normal?
What if i say, the major population is following abnormal?
What if i say you have a extra blessings of god that you came to know about what is real normal?


we follow abnormal habits, food, lifestyle & then we think it's normal. Which is actually not normal!
Just think how can God make health costly? Health can never be achieved by wealth. But wealth can always be achieved by health.
Attend health, with real normal things don't go with mass population, bless your body by becoming legend, doing extraordinary things in a simple way, in a cheap way.

A destiny without emotional stability can never be achieved, mental peace comes when we are emotionally stable which is attend by having a soulmate, a partner (can be anyone) as world is drowning in chaos of hatred and betrayal but having a partner with whom you feel complete is becoming rarer in this day, so achieving that is equal to success!

When ever stress,anxiety, depression or such other mental complications comes, give a space for sometime and by giving time apply your all positive energy to improve that situation by making new growth and development again.
Instead of overthinking do some creative work you always want to do that !
For eg. Learning music, doing painting, sketch etc whatever you want!
always remember it's never too late to do anything!

Fasting is misunderstood by many as per religious point of you!
But fasting have multiple vision which can only understand by broad mindedness
For eg. Fasting from technology, fasting from negative people's, fasting from junk food,fasting from preservatives food ,avoiding non-veg ,avoiding random eatings habit(correcting by taking 2 times of meal)
Following sattivk aahar(which includes fruits) and loving nature.
Fasting one meal food, if though you are keeping full day fast you must know the scientific rules of breaking the fast or how to do the fast( for more details ask your ayurveda physician)
One common mistakes done by people's is eating heavy food durning opening the fast which comes up with many disease ailments so one has to open fast by taking liquid light diet and than gradually go to solid foods.


What ever we think, what ever our body demands is the reflection of your soul!
Make sure you incorporate positive reflection of your soul by adopting above points in every positive aspects (TIP: making your passion as meditation)

Sangeeta Singh 
Community Leader - Student Wing - NirogStreet 
Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.